Gubei Water Town &  Simatai Great Wall
Gubei Water Town & Simatai Great Wall

Climate and Weather

Beijing is located in the warm temperature zone and with a continental climate.

The short seasons, spring (usually from February to April) and autumn (usually from August to October) are better seasons for visiting Beijing. You will have better chance to enjoy bright sunny sky and with fewer tourists crowding in the attractions.

It could be very hot at summer. T-shirts and pants are the best bet. Sunglass and parasol are necessary to shelter from sunshine. Generally there will be several heavy snowfalls in winter, you will need a heavy woolen sweater, and a long wind coat or a down jacket.


The best times to visit Simatai Great Wall are from March to May and from September to October, these temperate seasons provide the best climate, not to mention colorful scenery. With lush plants covering the mountain, the winding wall looks like a dragon lying on a green sea. In October, red leaves cover the ridge, offering you another wonderful scene. Avoid the very hot summer days, cold and windy winter season if possible. Also, Simatai Great Wall is the only section opened with Night tour available, don’t miss the special Great Wall view with lights on at night.

Gubei Water Town offers awesome views and various activities each season. Besides the best seasons, what you can enjoy include but not limited to the sightseeing on boat in summer and relaxing in Hot spring in winter.


Besides the consideration of climate and weather, hereafter mentioned public holidays are strongly recommended to be avoided, also for weekends if possible. Picking non-weekend dates will save you a lot of time, including transportation period to long queuing lines in the scenic area.

The public holidays of 2019:

New Year’s Holiday: 1st. Jan

Chinese Lunar New Years’ Holiday: 4th-10th Feb

International Labor Day Holiday:1st. May

The Dragon-boat Festival: 7th-9th June

Mid-Autumn Festival: 13rd-15th Sep

National Holiday: 1st-7th Oct