Gubei Water Town &  Simatai Great Wall
Gubei Water Town & Simatai Great Wall

Explore the Gubei Water Town


Sightseeing in the Gubei Water Town scenic area

The town possesses an old-fashioned simplicity and elegance. Row upon row of houses, old quartzite streets and long Hutongs show the style and features of the old town. River channels are scattered between streets; houses near the river are bathed in sunlight. When night falls, Gubei Water Town presents a tranquil and cozy atmosphere. Most spots of the attraction are open to the public, such as the Blocks of the Republic of China, the Old Camp Site, the Water Streets Region, the Wolongbao Folk Culture Region, the Old Village at Tang River Region, and the Local Accommodation Region.

There are plenty of places to stop and rest if you walk, and lots of places to explore.

Another comfortable way of sightseeing is by boat. It is more for leisure and enjoyment than transportation. The Yangui Wharf is short walk from the Water Town entrance and heads to Riyue Island Wharf (half way) or Yuanyang Lake Wharf(whole way). From the Yuanyang Lake Wharf, you will reach the Simatai Great Wall entrance off the boat.

The awesome panoramic view of Whole Town from the Mountain top Church offers another enjoyable experience, and it is easily accessible by some stairs’ climbing up in 5 to 10 mins. Or you can take the shuttle bus for more comfort, the station is just beside the Great Wall Academy Inn.

Last but most unique sightseeing experience is the spectacular view over the illuminated town on the Simatai Great Wall at night, riding up by cable car, followed by about 10 to 15 mins walking will lead you to the Watchtower 5, The Great Wall with lanterns on will make an unforgettable experience found nowhere.

Hiking on the Great Wall’s sweat will be rewarded by the fantastic view of two Simatai sections both West and East, the east Watchtower No.2 to No.10 are opened to public, and it is strongly recommended to reach tower No.8 at least, the view will be quite impressive.

During the Chinese New Year, visitors can enjoy ice sculpture. The temple fair has Sugar Figure Maker, Stilt Walker, Yangko Dance, a Dragon and Lion Dance and other acrobatic shows.

Activities to do

Besides sightseeing, visitors can experience unique local customs and participate in native activities. If you like Chinese spirits, the Sima Distillery may be a nice choice. You can smell the aroma of the spirits from afar before you reach there. You can also witness the process of spirits making.

In the Yongshun Dye House, red, green, yellow and blue cloths hang flapping in the breeze. Some old-style looms and spinning machines are on display. You can learn about ecological cloth printing and dyeing, and even create your own DIY work with the help of craftsmen.

In addition, you can spend your leisure time in the Yinghua Academy, where many Confucian classics, historical records, philosophical writings and miscellaneous works have been collected. You can read and enjoy some afternoon tea to relax and refresh yourself.

There is also a Yang Wudi Temple built to commemorate the soldiers who sacrificed their lives in various wars. Generations of the Yang family devoted themselves to defending their country.

Zhenyuan Safeguard Agency will demonstrate to you the real life of the ancient armed safeguards.

The Eight Banners House enables you to learn the traditions and the customs of Gubei Pass.


Some other things to do:

1.Visit the Yuantong Pagoda Temple

Opening hours 8:00-17:00

It is located just beside the shuttle bus station-Mountain Water City Station, 2 mins walking from William Edgar Boutique Hotel.

The temple is only accessible by uphill stairs, but not stressful, within 10 mins.


2.Visit the Mountaintop Church

It is located in the Wolongbao Folk Culture Region, just beside the Great Wall Academy Inn.

Enjoy awesome panaromic view of Water Town, there is also a nice Caffe opening till 22:00.

You can reach by climbing some stairs in 5mins, or by shuttle bus.


3. Walk through Wangjing Street


4.Enjoy the he Great Wall Music Fountain Show(Latest updating on Dec.13.2018, adjustment to be made until further notice)

Available schedule: 18:00-18:20/18:40-19:00/19:20-19:40/20:00-20:20 (20 mins’ duration for one session). On Friday and Saturday, additional session 20:40-21:00 is available.

It is located near the Great Wall entrance, will be a pleasant stop after your night tour on the Great Wall.


5. Enjoy free shows on the Sun& Moon Island Square

Performances throughout the day assuming you visit between about March and October. You also can enjoy traditional Peking Opera.

6. Soak your feet in the public hot springs

Located outside the Biaoju Foot care, where you can enjoy the nice foot message(not free) as well.


7.Enjoy the Mineral hot springs

It is a major attraction of the town. Bring your swimsuits if you are staying overnight. Most hotels will offer you free vouchers for one of the hot springs in town, absolutely FREE.

If you are staying at Royal Palace Hot spring Hotel or Duanjia Courtyard Inn, the free Hot spring is inside your hotel, very convenient.


8. Happy kids Nation and lantern shop-for kids

As for little kids, there is a special place named “Happy kids Nation” for them as well, located near the William Edgar Boutique Hotel, could easily be reached from the shuttle bus stop “Mountain Water City Station”. Also, the attractive lantern shops are children's favorite place, kids can make their own lanterns with guidance of the craftsmen.